About Sarens


中外运沙伦氏物流有限公司(以下简称中外运沙伦氏)成立于2015年,由中国外运大件物流有限公司携手比利时沙伦氏集团(Sarens NV)共同出资成立,专注于为模块厂、石油和天然气业、采矿业、陆地和海洋风电业、大型土建工程、核电工程及总包工程(EPCM)领域提供大件吊装和工程运输服务。

中国外运股份有限公司 - 中国最大的综合物流供应商之一,且在全球范围广泛参与EPCM项目。

沙伦氏集团 - 总部位于比利时,凭借创新的工程设计,丰富的产品设备,辉煌的全球业绩,为客户提供快速、安全及优化的大件吊装和运输服务。


• 丰富的中国本地操作经验并共享全球网络

• 凭借在吊装运输和货代领域的领先技术,实现"从制造工厂到安装基地"一条龙服务

• 投资双方将不遗余力,在大型项目中发挥优势互补

• 尖端技术造就真正的项目优化和成本控制

• 我们的座右铭"Nothing too heavy, nothing too high"



Sarens and Sinotrans have started their co-operation by creating a JV in the beginning of 2015 with the mission to serve the module yards market, oil & gas, Mining, onshore and offshore wind power, major civil works, nuclear and EPCM lift & shift services.

Headquartered in Belgium, Sarens provides fast, safe, and optimized heavy lifting and shift solutions powered by creative engineering, product diversity, and proven global records.

SINOTRANS is one of the major Chinese forwarders also present in EPCM logistic project activities worldwide.

Together, we bring:

• Our local knowledge of operations in China and a worldwide network and experiences.

• Integrated Chinese / Belgian teams.

• Our leader skills in lifting-transporting combined with forwarding allowing from-factory-to-foundation services.

• Experienced partners willing to go the extra mile as an integrated player on large-scale projects.

• High-end technologies generating real project optimizations and savings.

• Our 'Nothing too heavy, nothing too high' spirit and 'no nonsense' mentality.


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Intl. Projects

  • Maasvlakte 2 Terminal Project

    Two of the world's biggest crawler cranes lift modules weighing over 1.000 tonnes

    Project details
  • ALBA Potline 6 Expansion Project

    Sarens transports and lifts sections of the FTAs in Bahrain

    Project details
  • Bellara Power Plant Project

    Sarens performs a series of lifts at the Bellara power plant in Jijel, Algeria

    Project details